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Youth Sports & Leagues


Schedules and standings for all leagues are found here. You will only receive access if you have signed up for a course or league. Schedules are subject to change due to weather or unforeseen events. 

Youth Leagues

Smart Start All Sports Kids Running


Registration: 1st of every month

Classes are four weeks and will prepare children, ages 3-5, for organized sports. We offer classes for all sports and individual sports such as baseball, basketball, football, and soccer. Children will learn basic motor skills in a fun, non-competitive environment.

Boys & Girls: 3-5 years

Tiny Tot Soccer


Spring Registration: March
Fall Registration: August

Eight games, the teams will consist of six players, playing 3-on-3 with no goalie. Each participant will receive a soccer shirt. You will need to provide shin guards. There is a special request fee for a coach or another player

Boys & Girls: 3-4 years

T-Ball Players at Base


Registration: March

Learn the basics of baseball in the most adorable way possible. Participants will gain experience in base running, hitting, throwing, and catching. Play consists of 20 minutes practice and 20 minutes of game-play. Participants recieve hat and shirt with registration.

Boys & Girls: Pre-K – Kindergarten

Baseball Clearfield City


Spring Registration: March

Grab your cleats and dust off your pants its time to play America’s game. We have a league for grades 1-4. Depending on registrations some travel may be involved as we partner with neighboring cities.

Machine Pitch: Grades 1-2
Pitching Development: Grades 3-4

Basketball Youth Recreation


Registration: October

Learn the fundamentals and get out and play in our Junior Jazz Leagues.

Each player will receive a game jersey and an Utah Jazz game ticket. Special request fees for a coach or another player are applied for non-drafted leagues only.

Boys & Girls: K-12

Boy returning ball with paddle.


Registration: TBD

Get your kid hooked to one of the fastest growing sports in the world. League play consists of once a week play for four total weeks. Each game played will either be round-robin or king-of-the-court style of play. Leagues are offered in beginner and intermediate levels.

Boys & Girls: 12-17 years

Clearfield High School

Ute Football League

Clearfield City kids now play with the Ute League which is the largest independant league in the country. Residents still qualify for the Clearfield Recreation Grant program to help our kids have the opportunity to play. For more information about the grant call 801.525.2700.

Recreation options vary throughout the year. Registration ages that fall within grade categories are determined by what grade your child will be as of August 31.

Lessons and Camps

Pickleball Lessons Youth


Registration: May

Do you want to get a jump start in learning the fastest growing sport in the country? Lessons are held everyday on a two week schedule. Participants will learn rules, serving, receiving, volleys, dinking, and other basic skills.

Boys & Girls: 7-10 & 11-14 years

Tennis Camp


Registration: June

Enjoy six, one-hour USTA lessons while learning the sport of tennis. Lessons are for youth 5 years and older, and we also offer lessons for adults. Lessons are at Clearfield High School tennis courts.

Boys & Girls: Grades 3-9

Basketball Camp


Registration: May

Camp includes small groups for individual work on fundamentals, scrimmages, souvenir pictures, swimming breaks, contests, prizes, t-shirts, and much more. Camp is held at the Clearfield Aquatic Center.

Boys & Girls: 7-15 years

Volleyball Camp


Registration: June

This week-long summer camp will be teaching hitting and setting in small groups. Camp includes fundamentals, scrimmages, sportsmanship, swimming breaks, contests, prizes, t-shirts, and much more! Lunch is not provided.

Boys & Girls: 9-15 years

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