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Voting & elections

2021 Election Results and Canvass Report

Clearfield City General Election
November 2, 2021 Certified Canvass Report
(Canvassed: November 16, 2021)


Clearfield City Precincts 17 100.00%
Registered Voters 11,858 100.00%
Ballots Cast 1,855 15.64%
Number of Rejected Ballots 31


Mayor (4-year term)

Mark R. Shepherd 1,722 100.00% Elected


City Council (4-year term)

Tim Roper 1,533 82.64% Elected
Karece Thompson 1,457 78.54% Elected


We, the undersigned Board of Canvassers, for the Clearfield City General Election held on Tuesday, November 2, 2021, hereby certify the information contained in this report to be accurate. We further certify that we have reviewed the vote totals for each person and declare the individuals noted herein as elected to office beginning January 1, 2022. A copy of the full canvass report can be viewed at http://www.clearfieldcity.org.

Dated this 16th day of November, 2021.


Mark R. Shepherd
Kent Bush
Nike Peterson
Vern R. Phipps
Tim Roper
Karece Thompson

Elected Mayor

Mark R. Shepherd

725 North 100 West
Clearfield UT 84015
email: mark@mypieceofutah.com


Elected City Council Members

Tim Roper

422 North 360 West
Clearfield UT 84015
email: Roper4CLFD@gmail.com

Karece Thompson

546 East 450 South; Apt. Q
Clearfield UT 84015
email: vote4kthompson@gmail.com