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Voting & elections


PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that the following is the list of names of candidates who filed for office in the 2021 Clearfield City Municipal General Election, in ballot order.


Mayor Candidate 4-year term (Vote for one)
Mark R. Shepherd


City Council Candidates 4-year terms (Vote for two):
Tim Roper
Karece Thompson


Election information may be viewed at vote.utah.gov.

Clearfield City will be holding its election by-mail. There will be a polling location at City Hall on election day for those who do not want to participate by mail. Any question can be directed to the City Recorder’s Office at (801) 525-2714.


The Municipal General Election will be held on Tuesday, November 2, 2021.



Mayor 4 year term

City Council 4 year terms (vote for up to two)

(In accordance with UCA 20A-6-305 candidate names are displayed according to the Master Ballot Position List.)

In order to vote in this municipal election, a voter must be registered within the municipality. Additional information on registration can be obtained by contacting the Davis County Clerk’s Office at (801) 451-3325 or visiting vote.utah.gov.

For further information on the municipal election, please contact the City Recorder’s Office at (801) 525-2714.

Candidates for the Office of Mayor

Mark R. Shepherd

725 North 100 West
Clearfield UT 84015
email: mark@mypieceofutah.com


Candidates for the Office of City Council

Tim Roper

422 North 360 West
Clearfield UT 84015
email: Roper4CLFD@gmail.com

Karece Thompson

546 East 450 South; Apt. Q
Clearfield UT 84015

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