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Clearfield City’s 2023 Water Rates

Clearfield City is keeping water rates consistent with the conservation rates adopted by city council in 2022. Conservation rates are necessary due to the increasing cost of maintaining our water infrastructure (including repairing/replacing water lines before failures occur), the rising cost of water due to its limited availability as a finite resource, and Utah’s continued conservation efforts to fill water storages, reservoirs, and lakes. The below rates are currently in effect. For questions about your bill, please call our customer service center at 801-525-2700.

Resident water rates are defined by a tiered system based on usage. Residents that use between 0-10,000 gallons of water per billing cycle will not see a rate increase more than the annual $.02 increase that occurs each January. The rates will be most impactful to residents that use 40,001 to 80,000+ gallons of water per billing cycle. 

Multi-unit properties that use more than the 7,000 gallons per unit included in their base fee will be charged based on the additional usage.  

Commercial properties are charged for water usage per thousand gallons.   

Water Quality Report

If you have any questions or concerns, call 801.525.4430 or email kenny.england@clearfieldcity.org.

Clearfield City is committed to providing an adequate supply of clean, safe drinking water to our residents and businesses. We purchase the majority of our water from Weber Basin Conservancy District and supplement in the high water use times with City-owned wells. We have 10.5 million gallons of storage capacity in our storage tanks. Our water operators take 15 samples twice each month test for the presence of bacteria. We take daily samples to test the chlorine residual and when our wells are running, we daily test the level of fluoride being added to the water. If ever the quality of Clearfield City water is compromised, the residents and businesses will be notified immediately, as required by law.

The pressure in the water system is primarily gravity fed. However, there are several pressure-regulating valves throughout the system to ensure that the pressure stays within the target range for the individual pressure zones. We also have one booster pump station that is used as-needed to sustain pressure in the Freeport Center and in the areas south of Antelope Drive.

The electronic version of the Water Quality Report for Clearfield City is provided for reference only. If you desire an official, approved hard-copy, please contact the Public Works Department at 801.525.4419.

Backflow Prevention

Call 801-525-4419 with questions or concerns.

A backflow prevention assembly is used to protect potable water supplies from contamination or pollution due to backflow. In our water supply system, water is normally maintained at a significant pressure to enable water to flow from the tap, shower, or other fixture. However, water pressure may fail or be reduced when a water main bursts, pipes freeze, or there is an unexpected high demand on the water system (for example, when several fire hydrants are opened at once). 

Pressure may reduce in the main waterline which could allow contaminated water from the soil, from storage, or from other sources within your business or residence to be drawn up into the system, contaminating drinking water. This is called backflow.

To ensure that our water system is protected against contamination by water users, we require that all connections to a potential source of contamination, including residential lawn sprinklers, are protected with an approved backflow prevention assembly.

Backflow prevention assemblies must be tested by a certified tester upon install, after a significant repair, or at least once a year. Once a test has been performed please send a copy to: backflowreports@clearfieldcity.org