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Code Enforcement Reporting

Report a Code Violation

Why We Have Code Enforcement

City ordinances are designed to protect the health and safety of the citizens and visitors of Clearfield City.

The ordinances include weeds or noxious vegetation, waste, litter, garbage or filth of any nature accumulating upon any real property within Clearfield City limits. The Code Enforcement Division also is responsible to look for abandoned vehicles (which by definition is any vehicle that is not currently registered/inspected or non-operational), and clear vision (which includes the pruning of trees and vegetation which may obstruct the view of sidewalks, intersections, signs and driveways). Here are some important things to know about the Code Enforcement standards when living in Clearfield City.

Common Codes Enforced

These are only some of the codes enforced, to see a full list of our code, click the button below.

Notice of Violation(NOV)

When a City code is violated, we will notify you and give you time to fix it before any fee is required. Our Code Enforcement officers are happy to work with you and help you however they can.

Business & License Regulations

There are regulations put in place to protect you and your business within the City. Make sure you go through all the necessary steps to properly license your business, and our customer service center is happy to answer any questions for you.

Junk Regulations

We take pride in our Clearfield City residents, and we want to keep the City safe and clean for you to enjoy. Our residents are required to keep dangerous and unnecessary junk out of their yards.

Clear Vision

To prevent accidents and keep pedestrians safe, a “clear vision” space around street corners needs to be maintained. Parking in this area of clear vision is a dangerous code violation.

Rental Dwellings

To protect both landlords and tenants, there are regulations on rentals in the City. Our customer service center is happy to answer any questions you have while establishing your property as a rental.

Parking Regulations

To keep streets safe and clear, there are parking regulations in the City. Cars are not allowed to be parked on the street from November 15-February 28. Vehicles must also be parked on approved surfaces year-round.

Tree Regulations

Low hanging tree branches and non-permitted trees can cause injuries to pedestrians, neighbors and home owners. The City has a list of approved trees and a City Arborist for residents to consult when planting trees on their property. We’re also happy to consult on proper tree trimming.

Grass/Weeds Regulations

Long grass and weeds are not permitted in the City. Please keep your property’s grass and weeds trimmed to the appropriate lengths year-round.
The Code Enforcement Division values pride in our community. The Code Enforcement Division strives to promote a positive community image working within the community striving for clean and attractive neighborhoods and business districts. Through enforcement and encouraging quick compliance, a safe and desirable living and working environment can be achieved.