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Planning & Development

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Maps & GIS

View current Clearfield zoning, General Plan, trails, and parks maps.
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Current Planning

All applications must be complete with the land use development application, owners affidavit/authorization, and materials required on the associated checklist by the deadline date to be scheduled for Planning Commission review. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Clearfield Community Visioning Survey

We’re looking for feedback from our residents about the future off development in Clearfield and how it relates to the current structure of our General Plan.


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Clearfield City Public Notices

Downtown Form-Based Code

The Downtown Clearfield Form-Based Code was created specifically with the intent to help the City achieve the goals of a vibrant mixed-use downtown.

Since the Form-Based Code is the direct implementing and regulatory ordinance developed to bring forth the vision of the Creating Downtown Clearfield small area plan, it is recommended that developers also review that plan.

Internal Accessory Dwelling Units (IADU’s)

An internal accessory dwelling unit has its own kitchen, living & sleeping area, full bathroom, and is within or attached to a single-family residence.

IADU’s may be allowed in single-family zones on lots greater than 6,000 square feet. The property must be owner occupied and the accessory unit is required to be registered with the Community Development Department. Additional requirements can be found in Clearfield City’s IADU ordinance.

Planning Commission Agendas & Minutes

Long-Range Planning

The following planning documents establish the vision for current and future growth within Clearfield City.

Moderate Income Housing Plan

Clearfield Small Area Plan

Active Transportation Plan