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Clearfield City Emergency Services

Emergency Management is a coordinated effort of all levels of government (local, state and federal) working together with business and industry, community based organizations and volunteers to effectively meet the challenges posed by all types of emergencies and disasters.

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Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

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During a disaster, the scope of the incident can overwhelm conventional public emergency services. The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program is designed to help resident protect themselves, their family, their neighbors and their neighborhood in an emergency situation.


It is like paying for car insurance. A person might never need either; but if the occasion arises, having the CERT training, just like car insurance, means that the person is prepared and ready to help.


CERT members receive 24 hours of initial training. CERT is offered through Layton City’s CERT Program. For information¬†click here.

Class Topics Include

  • Personal and Family Support
  • Fire Suppression
  • Bandaging
  • Splinting
  • Danger and Damage Assesment

About CERT

  • Teaches emergency preparation
  • Skill to help protect you and your loved ones
  • Community Involvement Opportunities
  • Boy scouts can earn several merit badges for attendance
  • Offers support for emergency personnel

Clearfield City Emergency Operations Plan

There are three major objectives of this plan:
  1. To provide a brief and current analysis of both natural and man-made hazards, as well as threat of terrorism specific to Clearfield
  2. To give detailed instruction to and coordination with Clearfield City Officials regarding preparation for and response to a major disaster
  3. To minimize the human losses. This plan is designed to be used in conjunction with other emergency response plans that may exist in the county.


It is hoped that a situation requiring the full-scale use of this plan will never occur. However, local government officials can be assured that this Emergency Operations Plan is a deliberate and current assessment of the hazards in Clearfield, and provides a basis for a rapid emergency response and recovery action should any of these hazards bring destruction or injury to the City.

Family Emergency Guide

There are procedures to help you and your family prepare for any type of emergency. Use the guide below to help you create your own emergency operations plan to better keep your family safe.

CSERG – Amateur Radio Group

Community Service Emergency Radio Group
CSERG is a group of our amateur radio operators that have organized themselves to promote readiness and communication in times of emergencies or disasters.

CSERG participates in a weekly radio net designed to train and exercise radio operator skills. This net is held each Wednesday night at 8:30 p.m. on a radio frequency of 145.770 MHz (simplex) linked with 448.825 MHZ (Clearfield repeater with a tone of 123). On the last Wednesday of the month, CSERG meets at the Clearfield city building in place of the net at 8:30 p.m.bo.

The city has developed a radio communications room for the purpose of providing support to local dispatch centers and Emergency Operations Centers. Radio equipment has been made available to licensed amateur radio operators to complete their communications assignment from a dedicated Emergency Command Center. Trained radio operators receive and pass along critical messages aiding victims and decision makers. CSERG also serves in community activities that are not considered emergencies as well (including large events such as a city parade or festival) and provides critical surveillance for locations where potential hazards may be developing and immediate notification is required.

Contact Richard Fisher at rfisher590@centurylink.net with questions.

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