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Aquatics Introduces new drowning prevention technology

We are excited to introduce our newest technology at the Clearfield Aquatic & Fitness Center, the WAVE System. All swimmers 12 and under will be required to wear them while swimming in our facility starting May 1st. This includes during swimming lessons (except for parent/child groups since the baby is in the parent’s arms).

The WAVE system relies on lightweight, comfortable headsets worn by swimmers. The headsets communicate wirelessly with the system twice every second and enable WAVE to accurately determine how long the swimmer has been under water. If submerged for longer than 20+ seconds, wearables (such as bracelets) worn by lifeguards will begin to vibrate to make them aware that a swimmer may be in trouble. Alerting lifeguards within this time dramatically decreases the chances of drowning and makes the city’s pools safer.

Drowning is the #1 cause of accidental injury-related death for children five and under and is the #2 cause for ages 5-14. “Safety is our top priority, and we are doing our best to make sure nothing like this ever happens in Clearfield. WAVE technology will help keep every child safe in our facility,” said Clint Warnick, Director of the Clearfield Aquatic & Fitness Center.

We are very excited about this technology and understand that you may have questions, comments, or concerns. The WAVE website has a lot of information about what the system is, how it works, and frequently asked questions. https://www.wavedds.com/parents.


WAVE operates in the background while lifeguards watch over swimmers, just as they always do. The system monitors swimmers in real time and accurately determines how long each swimmer’s face is fully submerged and therefore unable to breathe. If any swimmer has been underwater for a dangerous period of time, WAVE immediately alerts the aquatic staff so they can investigate and quickly intervene if needed.


Each swimmer is provided with a wearable. They have a choice of either a comfortable headset called a Tracker, or a simple pair of clips that attach to most styles of goggles.

Trackers are very easy and comfortable to wear. They’ve been tested on 1000s of swimmers and most forget that they’re wearing them after just a few minutes. After use, your swimmers simply return their wearables to the storage tower where they got them from.


For WAVE to be truly effective, it’s very important that you make sure your swimmers use wearables while in the water. You can help them understand that WAVE is there to make swimming as safe as it can be. They’ll follow your lead and will quickly discover that using the wearables will become as ordinary as wearing a helmet while riding a bike. With your support, WAVE will make your swimmers’ time in the water as enjoyable as it’s always been, but much safer.


We are very excited about this technology and understand that you may have questions, comments, or concerns. The WAVE website has a lot of information about what the system is, how it works https://www.wavedds.com/parents. We also have a frequently asked questions sheet that is specific to the Clearfield City Aquatic & Fitness Center. Click the button below to get some of your questions answered.


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination against individuals based upon a disability or perceived disability and reasonable accommodations will be provided to qualified persons with disabilities. As such, aquatic staff will do the following when a request for accommodation is made:

1) Recommend to the parent or guardian of the child 12 years of age or younger on the day of the requested accommodation that they attempt using the headset technology.

2) Direct the parent or guardian of the child on the day of the requested accommodation to complete the “Clearfield City Visitors/Participants Request for Disability Accommodation Form.”

3) Instruct the parent or guardian that if the accommodation is approved, it will include: (1) the child wearing a wrist band or other type of visual notification to lifeguards that an accommodation has been granted, (2) a parent or guardian will be required to be in the water within an arm’s length of the child receiving the accommodation, and (3) the parent or guardian will be required to sign a “Liability Release for Non-use of WAVE Drowning Detection System.

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