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Lakeside Square Project

The Lakeside Square Development Project is located on the west side of Mabey Pond. It will bring businesses, housing, and civic space to Clearfield.

  • Date: 2023-2026
  • Project Type: Mixed-Use Development

About this Project

The Lakeside Square Development Project is a mixed-use development located on the west side of Mabey Pond. The project will be built in two phases, the northern section, and the southern section. This article focuses solely on the northern section, which is intended to begin construction later this year. The southern section is still in the process of design and the developers will work with the City Council once a more complete design is ready for review.  

The northern project area includes La Choi’s Noodle Parlor, the old Biomat building, and the land up to the pond. There will be 26,500 square feet of commercial space, 296 residential units, and 16,500 square feet of civic open space. 

The civic open space will include a pedestrian walkway from the Marilyn Drive neighborhood to a beach and kayak launch at the pond. There will be a plaza/event area with strung lights for resident gatherings and an art plaza. A protected bike lane will also be added to State Street in front of the development for increased bike access. We look forward to the beautiful civic space this project brings to Mabey Pond.  

The businesses currently located in the construction zone have been offered temporary relocation and a spot in the finished commercial space. We are excited for the additional businesses this project will bring to the city.

    At A Glance

    26,500 sq. ft. commercial space

    This mixed-use project will bring additional  businesses to Clearfield by adding more commercial space.

    16,500 sq. ft. civic space

    The civic open space includes: A pedestrian walkway, beach, kayak launch,  plaza/event area, and an art plaza. A bike lane will also be added to State St. in front of the project.

    296 residential units

    This project includes 296 housing units, 447 parking spaces, and 38 garages. There will also be a pool, dog park, and pet groomer for residents.

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