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STEED PARK (September 26 at 6:00 PM)

Each year police departments around the country reach out into the community they serve to help residents find ways they can assist law enforcement fight crime and build community. The Clearfield City Police Department is inviting all neighborhoods throughout the city to start a neighborhood watch program.  We invite you to join us during this event for more information.

This year Clearfield City Police will  be holding our Night Out Against Crime at Steed Park. We have invited some of our closest friends in public safety North Davis Fire District, Airmed, Davis County Sheriff, and Davis County K-9 unit to come join the fun and provide the residents with an opportunity to create positive experiences with law enforcement.

Bring your kids out and grab a Junior Officer badge from an officer, climb in a SWAT Bearcat, hop on a fire engine, sound a police siren, and get to know your the individuals that serve our community with integrity and pride. Join your community for fun, food (hamburgers and hot dogs), games, and demonstrations.

If you are interested in volunteering and participating in this event, or starting a neighborhood watch program in your area, contact Detective Swenson, 801.525.2800, for more information.

Night Out Against Crime

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