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It has been 2 years since the adoption of the PARAT (Parks, Art, Recreation, Aquatics and Trails) Tax in Clearfield. Since its adoption the tax as generated $443,625 in revenue. All these funds are allocated to improve the amenities of our community. The Community Services Department has been hard at to make good on that promise. At the conclusion of the summer Clearfield will have 7 new playgrounds that has resulted from this tax. Let’s take a look at them.

Train Watch Park – Construction Complete

Train Watch Park has not had functional equipment for quite some time. The new playground features a large spiral slide, a helix climbing ladder, Rushmore climbing platforms, and a hydraulic drop pole. This new addition serves the community on the North and South of the 300 North viaduct.

North Steed Park – Construction Complete

Right next to steed pond this new playground fits in with the natural theme of the park. The new playground features a 20 foot climbing tree, climbing nets, 3 slides, a cozy cocoon spinner, and suspended seats. This playground just off 1000 West will serve the surrounding neighborhoods, fisherman, and softball attendees.

North Steed

Bernard Fisher Park – Construction Complete

This Neos Electronic Playground is a new addition to Fisher Park. With 8 unique games to test your child’s reflexes and speed is sure to please those of any age. This additional playground is right next to the basketball court at Fisher Park. Try it out this 4th of July!

Fisher Park

Island View Park – Construction Complete

Say goodbye to the beloved caterpillar at Island View Park a new 2-5 year-old playground is taking its place. This playground is ideal for your toddlers with 2 levels of crawling tubes, 2 short slides, and a swing set. Located across the street of Antelope Elementary.

Island View Park

Corner Stone Park – Coming Soon

Test your skill with this new playground at Clearfield’s newest park. This park features logs to climb through, rock formations, and climbing ropes. Try your hand at making it around the new playground without touching the lava (ground).


200 South Park – Coming Soon

Nestled in the neighborhood south of the Center Street Bridge this park will quickly become a destination. This park will be a full blown swing park with two large swing sets and a 150 ft gravity rail. You wanted it and we listened you will finally be able to enjoy swings in Clearfield.

200 South

Central Park – Coming Soon

Located behind Wasatch Elementary this playground will service the park and the elementary school. This park features geometric monkey bars, geometric climbing dome, and a modular polyhedron climbing boxes which can be disassembled and reassembled in new patterns as we see fit.

Central Park

The PARAT Tax has allowed us to create these 7 playgrounds in one year when each playground would have taken about a year each on their own. Looking toward the future there are many projects that will be made possible from these funds including a new playground in the Aquatic Center.

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