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General Plan Update

Welcome to the Clearfield General Plan Update page. We hope that you’ll take a few moments to learn about the General Plan Update process and give us your thoughts and feedback about the future of Clearfield. Thank you!

Frequently asked questions

Question: What is a General Plan?
A General Plan is a guiding document for city land use and planning that each city is required by state statute to have. General Plans contain a set of detailed strategies that are chosen to respond to the specific needs of the people, places, and processes in Clearfield. These needs are grouped into categories such as Transportation, Economic Development, Land Use, Housing, Open Space, and Environment. The general purpose of the General plan is to identify and prioritize these needs and to develop practical strategies that can be implemented to guide future decisions in order to meet specific goals within the City.

Question: Why does Clearfield City need to update its General Plan?
Clearfield’s most recent General Plan was updated in 2016. State law requires cities to update their general plans every few years. Since 2016, there have been significant changes within the City and a number of new planning documents have been adopted. As Clearfield faces growth and change, the City wants to ensure that those changes are reflected in the General Plan.

Question: Where can I find the City’s current General Plan?
Clearfield’s most recent General Plan can be found on the City’s Planning & Zoning homepage or by clicking HERE.

Question: What types of documents has the City recently approved? Are they available for the public to read?
All current planning documents are available on the City’s Planning & Zoning webpage, which can be found HERE.

Question: What future developments are planned?
The General Plan update process doesn’t particularly focus on a specific development. The plan focuses on the City as a whole and elements including but not limited to–land use, housing and transportation.

Question: What happens next?
Each month this webpage will be updated with upcoming meetings, educational materials, and document drafts as they are available. City staff is working with a local planning consultant team who will facilitate the update process, working directly with the Planning Commission and City Council. Interested residents and property owners are welcome to attend the Planning Commission’s work sessions to listen to the discussion and provide input on the General Plan Update.

Once there is a draft of the fully updated General Plan document, it will be presented to the Planning Commission and City Council in a public meeting for adoption.

Question: How do I stay up to date and involved in the General Plan process?
We’d love to have you along for the process! Staff and the local consultant team will be presenting to the Planning Commission on a monthly basis regarding the General Plan. Planning Commission and City Council meetings that discuss the General Plan will be posted on this webpage. You can also sign up for City updates below.

Question: Who do I contact if I have more questions about the planning process?
Spencer Brimley, Community Development Director:

Timeline of General Plan

December Planning Commission Invitation

You are invited to virtually attend a meeting of the Clearfield Planning Commission on December 16th at 7pm. The General Plan that the City is currently updating will be the main topic of discussion.

Zoom link for planning commission meeting

Meeting ID: 838 1305 2206
Passcode: 288825

Discussion Topic: Future Land Use

The December Planning Commission meeting will be focused on the Land Use element of the Clearfield General Plan. The Planning Commission will be discussing issues related to the existing land uses within the city, best practices when considering new development and growth patterns, opportunity areas within the City, as well as financial tools that the city can use.

Summary of November 18th Planning Commission

The November Planning Commission meeting focused on the overall vision of the General Plan Update as well as the individual goals for each element in the document. City staff and the Planning Commission discussed broad goals for each element of the General Plan. The draft goals and vision below reflect the discussion so far. Please note that these goals may evolve as the process moves forward, and new information comes to light.

  • Draft General Plan Vision
    • Clearfield City will continue to support a high-quality and sustainable community, with abundant access to jobs and affordable housing, in an attractive physical setting.
  • Draft Land Use Goals
    • Increase sustainable employment and commercial opportunities
    • Revitalize neighborhoods and commercial districts in neighborhood centers
    • Support a mix of uses and densities by focusing development in key areas of the city
  • Draft Transportation Goals
    • Preserve, enhance, and beautify principal transportation corridor.
    • Promote increased use of the FrontRunner Clearfield station by improving access to and from the station
    • Develop a coordinated and integrated network of connections that make biking, walking, and other forms of active transportation convenient and comfortable.
  • Draft Housing Goals
    • Provide a variety of housing choices that incorporates a range of types and densities
    • Ensure new housing stock addresses all income levels and life stages
    • Retain character of established neighborhoods
  • Draft Economic Development Goals
    • Encourage sustainable economic growth and job creation through focus on economic development activities
    • Maintain Clearfield City as Davis County’s “jobs center” and continue to increase the availability of family-sustaining jobs
    • Improve and expand the city’s shopping, dining and entertainment options for residents and visitors by creating unique, destination-oriented development centers
  • Draft Open Space & Trails Goals
    • Provide resilient high-quality parks, recreation, active transportation routes, and open space facilities
    • Promote the creation of an interconnected public open space network that includes safe, convenient, and comfortable connections for biking, walking, and other forms of active transportation
    • Protect and improve existing parks, open space, and trails
  • Draft Environment & Sustainability Goals
    • Preserve natural features that are valuable to the Clearfield community
    • Encourage city policies that support infrastructure resiliency and environmental, social, and economic sustainability measures
    • Expand and support development of sustainable industries in Clearfield City
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