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You can now get emergency alerts on your cell phone using a free app called Code Red. We understand the blaring noise overtaking the silent mode on your phone can be annoying, but this really is the best way to learn about emergencies since most people have their cell phone with them all the time.

The emergency alert system also broadcasts over the radio and television, and NOAA weather radio can tell you if severe weather is expected 24 hours a day, seven days a week. One question often asked is, what types of alerts will I receive? You will receive alerts about extreme weather and other threatening emergencies in our area, AMBER alerts, and Presidential alerts during a national disaster.

We won’t be using our sirens any longer so Code Red is the best way for you to know when an extreme event is coming and/or where to go and what to do after an extreme event. This system is only as good as the telephone number database supporting the system. If your phone number is not in the database, you will not get a notification. Code Red allows individuals as well as businesses to add their phone numbers directly into the system’s database.

No one should assume their phone number is included and they will receive an alert. You need to go to the App store on your cell phone and download the free app. All businesses should register along with all individuals because Code Red allows geographically based delivery which means you won’t get an alert unless it is expected that you will be directly affected by the extreme event. Data collected will be used for emergency notification ONLY.

If you have any questions regarding Code Red, please feel free to contact Clearfield City Emergency Manager at 801-525-2833.

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