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Clearfield is going to become more “green” in the next few weeks as maintenance crews are currently in the process of converting all of the public street lamps to LED. Conversion started with city facilities like the Clearfield Aquatic and Fitness Center, City Hall and other city buildings. The project is scheduled to be completed by mid-April.

The process involves changing either the bulb within the lamp or replacing the head of the streetlight to allow LED bulbs to be used. The City will not be replacing any poles with this project. Streetlights that are owned by Home Owners Associations will not receive the upgrade through the City.

The light produced by the LEDs will be visually similar to the lights used on State Road 193. They will also help with light pollution, allowing residents a little bit better glimpse at the stars.

In order to move forward with this process the City Council approved the purchase of streetlights from Rocky Mountain Power. This gave ownership of all streetlights within the City to Clearfield, allowing the City to make the necessary adjustments in preparation for the lights.

The decision to move to LED streetlamps will save the City approximately $114,000 per year in energy costs. These savings will allow the city to pay for the change in eight and a half years with no additional cost to the tax payer.

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