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If you have taken swim lessons at Clearfield’s Aquatic and Fitness Center in the last 35 years you probably have met Elisabeth Norton. She came to Utah from Holland in 1953, living first in West Point and then a few different places in Utah before ending back in West Point later in life. Elisabeth is a staple to the aquatic center, and with her friendly smile it’s easy to see why everyone loves her.

Shortly after her husband passed in 1981 she started at the candy counter at the old Aquatics Center. She was then given a book on swim instruction. After this you couldn’t keep her out of the water, whether that was her teaching others how to swim, or swimming laps herself. Her favorite thing to do was go swimming after hours when she would have the pool to herself. “I couldn’t do that now, but I used to love it,” she joked.

In time she began work at the IRS when it was located in the Freeport Center, but she still kept instructing. “When the IRS asked me why I still worked at the pool I told them, ‘That is not my job, that’s my hobby, this is my job,’” she says laughing. It’s her passion.

Elisabeth has taught in all levels of instruction over the years, and has taught a number easily into the thousands of people. One of her favorites was coaching for the Special Olympics. “It was so rewarding to be able to do that. It is something I will never forget,” she said.

“It’s wonderful to work with a swim instructor as dedicated and passionate as Elisabeth,” said Donna Russell, Aquatic and Fitness Center  Generations of children have learned to be safe in, on and around the water thanks to her amazing efforts.”

When not having fun at the CAFC she loves to working and playing outdoors. She doesn’t even mind shoveling the snow. Elisabeth is definitely an asset to the Clearfield City team. Congratulations on 35 years!

Elisabeth Norton 35 Years

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