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Clearfield City, UT (December 7, 2016) – Timothy Roper was selected as the newest city council member in a public session Tuesday night. This was to fill a vacancy left by former Councilmember Keri Benson. Benson served on the council since 2014 before submitting her resignation in November 2016. Roper was one of nine highly-qualified applicants for the position.

The council heard from the applicants and cast preliminary votes which narrowed the field to three. After two more rounds of questions, Roper was selected to fill the vacancy with unanimous consent from the council. He will hold the seat on the council until December 31, 2017, with the seat being up for reelection in the fall of 2017.

Roper has been a resident of Clearfield for over 14 years with his wife Marie and five children. Growing up seeing his grandfather serve in the community filled him a desire to serve the community. He joined the City Planning Commission, where he served three years before becoming the Planning Commission Chair in 2016.

While a member of the commission he grew in his understanding of Clearfield which fueled his decision to apply for the position. “It’s because of that opportunity that I fell in love with Clearfield, and I was able to catch the vision of our community,” Roper explains in his remarks Tuesday night. “We have a great community. I’ve loved being involved in all the wonderful discussions we’ve had.”

Roper will assume the same responsibilities as Benson, serving as: North Davis Fire District Control Board Member, Planning Commission Liaison, Community Development and Renewal Agency Member and Building Authority Member. Roper’s appointment to the council leaves a vacancy in the planning commission.

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